The Pub, as we call it, is the face of The Londoner – the ground floor of our three floor venue. 

When you walk in you will be struck by the authentic red brick decor, typical of a traditional English building, which immediately transports you out of Bangkok! If you frequented the previous location on Sukhumvit you may also notice that we have reclaimed the stained glass windows , which are hung proudly on our wall.

The bar offers an extensive selection of beverages, including our famed Londoner Brewed Beers: our Pilsner, Low Carb Pilsner & IPA. As Bangkok’s oldest Micro-Brewery, we are proud to still be producing fantastic beers for our many beer lovers after so many years! As well as our own brewed beers, we have two exciting collaboratively brewed beers: a Pale Ale & a Wit Beer.

We offer a fantastic range of premium spirits, Single Malt Whiskies, speciality cocktails and a carefully selected wine list. We also craft some unique products that can only be found at The Londoner: try our own blended whisky or IPA vermouth (that’s right, we make a sweet vermouth out of our IPA!!) on your next visit.