2-4-1 Londoner Beers to celebrate the end of the booze ban!

We are soooooo happy to be able to serve alcohol again!

It is a travesty to deny people access to our expertly house-brewed beers, and so we are celebrating by giving 2-4-1 on all Three of our beers (IPA, Low Carb Pilsner & Pilsner) in half pints AND Pints!!!

We will run this promotion for the remainder of June, 15th - 30th, so a solid 2 weeks of cheap beers to enjoy!

*2-4-1 beers are available at all times of service, but will be based on the regular price - it is not applicable to Happy Hour prices. If ordering a single half pint or Pint during Happy Hour service times, Happy hour prices will be applicable.


The Londoner Beer & Wine Buffet

Every Monday & Tuesday we offer you our infamous Beer & Wine Buffet

3 hours of Free-Flow!

Starting from the time you purchase one of the following packages:

499/person for only our Londoner Beers
699/person for our Londoner Beers and/or house wines by the glass.

*Terms and Conditions apply*

Prosecco Free-Flow Buffet

Prosecco Brut Free-Flow (3 hours) -

999++ per person

3 Hours of Free-Flow Prosecco, only 999++ baht per person!

For more information, please contact us or ask your server on your next visit.

*Terms and Conditions apply*

Beer & Wine Buffet price includes 7% VAT & are subject to 10% Service Charge

Champagne Buffet price excludes VAT & Service Charge


Happy Hour EVERYDAY til 7pm!

We have something special for you every day of the week!

Move your mouse over each image to reveal the daily promotions.

Teacher Nights2nd Friday of each month

Happy Hour ALL NIGHT for Teachers!!!





*Must Show TEACHER ID*

2 for 450 – Pizza & Pasta

* Any 2 Pizza and/or Pasta for 450 baht - ALL DAY *

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!!!

Beer Buffet – Monday & Tuesday

* Any 2 Pizza and/or Pasta for 450 baht - ALL DAY *

* Beer Buffet B499pp * Wine & Beer Buffet B699pp *

Happy Hump Day

* Any 2 Pizza and/or Pasta for 450 baht - ALL DAY *

Happy Hump Day - Happy Hour ALL DAY!!!


Weekend Breakfast at The Londoner

We  have a fantastic ‘Weekend Breakfast’ menu available,

and some amazing BOOZY BREAKFAST COCKTAILS to help cure lasts night's antics!

Breakfast 9am - 12pm

BOOZY BREAKFAST COCKTAILS til 5pm! (You might need a lie-in)

SundayFamily Fun-Day

Our infamous ‘Big Ben Sunday Roast’ for only 395 baht per person til 5pm every Sunday!

Enjoy your feast with our weekend BOOZY BREAKFAST COCKTAILS, every Saturday & Sunday til 5pm

All prices include 7% VAT & are subject to 10% Service Charge