Pizza Restaurant

The Londoner Pizza Restaurant

Treating You To The Best Pizza in Bangkok

The Londoner isn’t your average pizza restaurant! Our gluten-free pizzas are meticulously made onsite, ensuring that every freshly sourced ingredient is of the best quality creating great-tasting fresh pizzas. To create the perfect pizza, the oven needs to be at the exact right temperature, and the dough should be soft but not too soft; plus, we like a bit of crunch in our veggies. Best-tasting pizza requires the hottest wood-fired oven possible. That’s why our ovens can burn up to 900 degrees. The oven is designed to ensure that it evenly distributes heat to the right places in your pizza. The extreme heat also helps us craft that signature crust that everyone has been raving about on a soft and fluffy inside.

Real Handmade Gourmet Italian Pizza

The Londoner brings you the best handmade Italian pizza Bangkok cooked onsite in our own self-contained pizzeria kitchen, stocked with everything needed to churn out great-tasting pizzas on the fly. Our delicious gourmet gluten-free pizzas are guaranteed to put a fulfilled smile on everyone’s face.

Everything the chefs at the Londoner prepare is handmade and fresh. Our goal is to continue supporting local businesses, so most ingredients are sourced from local suppliers.

The result is that every scrumptious bite is evenly hot, tastes great, and adds to a memorable experience…come and try your new favourite pizza!!