Thirsty Thursdays at The Londoner

Cocktails are a thing of beauty. A drink that has been birthed from the imagination of a skilled bartender, crafted by their own hand for your enjoyment. The world of cocktails is vast, if not endless, with contemporary cocktails pushing the imagination to its limits, sometimes.

When you are looking for something delectable to drink, a libation sensation to cure all the wrongs in the world, you don’t always want to risk trying something new, however. Sometimes you want the Classics….. the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, the Mojito…the Margarita!!!

The only thing better than a classic cocktail….TWO classic cocktails!

Thirsty Thursdays at The Londoner has got you covered. EVERY Thursday, enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 on all Classic Cocktails – ALL DAY!


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