Sippin’ La Vida Loka!



Sippin; LA Vida Loka! Loka Brew Works at The Londoner

Sippin’ La Vida Loka!

Loka Brew Works Artisinal Beers @ The Londoner Brew Pub

Saturday 30th April, 4-9pm

Loka Brew Works offers an exceptional experience through their commitment to history and tradition.

They work from history; recognizing and sharing the context behind each of their beer selections. Loka Brew Works is not only the authentic experience of the styles and tasting notes of their beer proposal, but also the stories that have made possible the cultural product we enjoy today.

They preserve the techniques and care for the heritage of each recipe. By staying true to the ingredients and the science that helps them make their brew works, they secure the traditions born hundreds of years ago. Loka Brew Works exists thanks to the legacy of artisanal Belgian beers.

The Londoner is very excited to host Sippin’ La Vida Loka, a day dedicated to this phenomenal artisanal collection of Belgium Beers!

Get ready for some fantastic beer promotions, give-aways, fantastic food (including Belgian Moules-frites!) and more!


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