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Paddy’s day is infamous across the world as, quite possibly, THE day for a good day’s drinking! Pints of velvety Guinness, often Irish car-bombed with shots of Jameson whiskey, and then chased down with another helping of that same water of life… it is a fantastic day!    Paddy’s Day at The Londoner, in our humble opinion, does this monumental holiday a great justice and we are very excited to welcome you in on the 17th this month to share the festivities with us.

St. Patrick’s Day Menu:

🧀 Mushroom Rarebit with Mustard Champ & Thyme gravy
🥔 Celeriac & Potato Soup with Scallops & Black Pudding
🥓 Mussels with Cider & Bacon
🐟🦪 Fisherman’s Pie with a Colcannon Topping
🐖 Irish Braised Pork with Cider & Champ
🥧 Beef & Stout Pot Pie with Champ & Garden Peas
May the winds of fortune sail you, may you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy who says, “this drink’s on me”.
March 17th see in another St. Patrick’s Day.
Come and enjoy Paddy’s Day at The Londoner with a slap-up dinner and (hopefully) a pint of Guinness!
Paddy's Day at The Londoner
Paddy’s Day at The Londoner – March 17th 2022
Tel: 02-022-8025
🍺Open Monday to Sunday 10am – 11pm

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