Londoner’s own Single Malt, a dram to remember!

What do you know about Single Malt Whisky? Have you got a favourite? Did you know that The Londoner‘s got its own Single Malt? And it is most definitely a dram to remember!

Although part of the Highlands, it was deemed its own region due to the enormous amount of distilleries in the area; boasting well over 60 distilleries, at present, Speyside has the highest density of distilleries of any region in Scotland.

Speyside whiskies are known for being frugal with peat and full of fruitApple, pear, honey, vanilla & spice often feature a role in expressions from this region, which are commonly matured in Sherry casks.

Imagine a beautiful dram in front of you; hold it up to your eyes and marvel at its golden beauty. You bring your nose in closer, inch by inch, slowly, so as not to be shocked by the intensity brought to you by the 57.8%, Cask Strength, deliciousness you are about to savour. You take a quick sniff, allowing yourself to grow accustomed to the strong alcohol, before going back for a better introduction with your nose; spice and honey fills the air, as though you have just opened the oven after baking a fruit cake and you can’t wait to take a bite!

You move in eagerly to take your first sip, almost nervous with excitement. The first sip is just that, a little sip. The nose warned you of the ferocity waiting for you, but it doesn’t come. What is this?? How can something so strong, something so high in alcohol, be so easy to drink?? The fruit cake that once filled the air is deliciously coating the inside of your mouth now; the high alcohol makes it linger at the back of your throat long after you have taken it down. A warming sensation starts to travel through you. You are left feeling happy; a little giddy, almost, with delight. This is a whisky to be reckoned with, but you know one thing and one thing only….you want more!

Come in and ask the General Manager for a wee taste, or trust us when we say “You will LOVE this!”

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