International Burger Days!

Is there anything more sinfully delicious than an awesome burger? When you don’t know what you should eat, how often do you go with a burger? It’s the go-to ‘on the go’ meal! It’s the go-to pub staple! It’s the GOAT hangover pleasures!! The best thing of all though you, you ask??? It’s INTERNATIONAL BURGER DAY on May 28th!!!

The Londoner is celebrating with a 3 day special burger menu, with something to tempt every single last one of you. Check them out below:

Papaya was a rolling stone

Wagyu fat infused beef patty or Beyond meat patty (V) topped with a diced papaya, mango, red onion, and avocado salsa and a Sriracha Aioli on a sesame seed topped bun.


Enoki Dokie

Seared Tuna Burger with Enoki Mushrooms cooked with ginger, garlic, on a bed of baby spinach on a sesame seed topped bun.

Burger Feta-ish!

Lamb patty in ciabatta bread with lettuce, caramelised onions, dates & crumbly feta cheese with a drizzle of honey.


Everyday I’m Brusselin’

Wagyu fat infused beef patty streaky bacon, Sautéed sprouts in bacon fat with toasted crushed pistachios, and sour cream on a sesame seed topped bun